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Hello! My name is George, and before we get too deep into what this site’s about, I wanted to ask you a few questions and then let you know more about myself.

What are you doing with your life? Where have you been in your travels? Where do you want to go? I found myself asking similar questions about a decade ago, and I decided that I wanted to make a change.

I thought about my passions, the things that I truly wanted to do in life. I love photography, as well as adventure travel, and so that’s what I’ve been doing. For about the last ten years or so, I’ve been traveling the world looking for new and interesting things. I look for adventure and something different in every corner, and I certainly have not been disappointed with my experiences.

Many things made me want to travel, and I am sure you have some of these same feelings. I like getting out and doing things. I like learning about the world and various cultures, and I am genuinely curious about the planet and all it has to offer.

Meeting interesting people has been one of the other wonderful things I’ve discovered while traveling. There are fascinating people all around the world, and they all have their own interesting stories to tell. For me, a big part of travel is meeting others, whether they are locals, travelers, or expats.

There’s something else I discovered when I started to travel and have adventures. I learned about myself. I learned my strengths and my weaknesses, so I could better myself and strengthen those weaknesses. I want to take risks and do things I’ve never done before.

Why do I do these things?

It’s just who I am and what I love. I imagine you have your own passions – everyone does. Some people might like to travel and explore the world like I do. Others might have different passions. Follow your dreams, like I did with my travels and with this blog.

What Are Some of the Things You Can Learn from This Blog?

It’s my goal to help you become a better traveler and to do things the right and smart way. With the information provided about different places around the world, visas, tips for traveling, and more, I hope to impart some valuable knowledge for you.

I also plan to chronicle my adventures on this blog. Hopefully, they will serve as a form of entertainment and inspiration for you. There will be stories, interesting bits of information and tips, and photos. After all, photography is one of my passions, and if I am out seeing the world, I want to show you what it all looks like, as well.

The blog will be a lot of fun, but I also want it to make you want to get out there and start learning new things, travel the world, and start living life to its fullest. Life is far too short to be unhappy with what you are doing.