Reasons to Retire to Cartagena


Have you begun thinking about retirement? If so, make sure you consider retiring in another country. Specifically, Cartagena, Colombia has the following five benefits to offer.

Beautiful Weather

You may have guessed this, being that Cartagena is in Colombia, but it’s important to distinguish this city’s weather from similar options in places like, say, Florida. Countless people retire to that state every year to enjoy its tropical weather. The problem is that this also means tropical storms and possibly hurricanes.

In Cartagena, you’ll enjoy gorgeous weather with no threat of hurricane season ever hitting. Aside from the obvious benefit, this means not having to pay for hurricane insurance.

An Affordable Cost of Living

Speaking of money, you can live off of very little down here. Taxes are practically nonexistent, for one thing. The difference in house prices is probably right around 90% and your utilities will be about half what they are in the United States.

Now, you’ll have to pay more for some of the items you take for granted in North America, but many expatriates find that they can do without them. When it comes to traditional Colombian food, the prices in Cartagena will be far less than what you’d pay up north.


The city is very, very safe. One reason for this is because there’s really only one entry and exit point. The rest of the city is surrounded by water. Therefore, criminals know that if they commit a crime, they’re most likely stuck and will soon be caught. The police and military can easily monitor access roads to ensure criminals don’t get away.

Even amongst fellow Colombians, Cartagena has a reputation for safety. The police take their jobs very seriously here and it shows in low crime statistics.

World-Class Healthcare

Retirement won’t be much fun if you’re constantly worried about access to healthcare. Sadly, this is why many people simply stay put when they reach their golden years. They don’t want to risk a fun, tropical retirement spot if it means they’ll be dangerously far away from a hospital or need to purchase evacuation insurance.

The good news is that Cartagena has some of the best healthcare in the entire world. This includes amazing hospitals and practically every kind of doctor, from neurosurgeons to podiatrists and more. Many were even trained in Europe or North America.

Again, the prices are much lower, too. For example, dentistry is about 80% less. Comprehensive insurance coverage will cost you about $32/month and your copayment will amount to pocket change.

All There Is to Do

Finally, you’ll find that Cartagena offers plenty of options for sitting back and relaxing. This includes its many beaches and numerous cafés.

At the same time, if you feel like an adventure, Cartagena isn’t lacking, either. There is so much to do, see and taste that it would take two lifetimes to even come close to exhausting your options.

If you want a little more adventure with your retirement, be sure to think about spending your golden years in Cartagena. This truly one-of-a-kind city will reward you with countless ways to stay busy in a safe, relaxing environment.