What Is Living in Cali, Colombia Like?


Are you thinking about moving to Colombia? There are a number of reasons for doing so. More and more people are making this their retirement destination, for example.

However, while many people eye places like Medellin or Bogota, there’s also Cali. This definitely isn’t a smaller town, but as it doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the other two, we thought we’d help you better understand what makes Cali so unique.

Most People Walk Everywhere

While there is definitely public transportation and plenty of taxis to help you get around, a lot of people simply choose to go on foot. Taxies are a bit pricey for most people and the public transportation can be slow, so it’s just easier to get where you’re going on foot much of the time.

The Cali Zoo Is Very Popular

The area surrounding Cali is not lacking for amazing wildlife. It’s divided into five different sections:

  • Primates
  • Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Butterflies
  • Birds
  • Fish (from both oceans and rivers)

7% of the world’s primate population is located in Columbia, so you’ll see some amazing examples here. There are 19 total aquariums here, too, 9 for fresh water and 10 for salt water fish.

Another highlight of the Cali zoo is their humid tropical rainforest ecosystem. This makes it perfect for showing off the country’s exotic birds. The five different species of owls are very popular, for example.

You’re Never Far from a Soccer Match

It should come as no surprise that Colombians are wild about soccer. If you’re looking to make friends here, then it’s important to learn the rules because you’ll never have to go far to find a soccer match in need of another player.

Soccer (they call it football) is a great way to stay in shape, but it’s also awesome for building a social circle. Go to any bar during a soccer match and there will be plenty of people of all ages cheering on their team.

There’s Lots of Salsa, Too

While there is probably plenty of salsa on the menus throughout Cali, the city is also popular as the capital of this type of dancing. As with soccer, salsa is another fantastic way to stay in shape and meet new people. There are plenty of salsa clubs throughout the city and even festivals that celebrate this dynamic type of dancing.

Beautiful Weather All Year

Depending on where you’re moving here from, you may be in for a bit of a shock by the gorgeous weather that just never goes away. Sure, it rains, but other than that, there’s no reason you can’t plan to have all of your meals outside and otherwise look for reasons to enjoy the amazing weather throughout the year

The People Here Are Very Nice

This is a theme throughout much of Colombia, but the people in Cali are known for their manners and open natures. They are very considerate of their guests and, like the weather here, very, very warm.

While the entire country has a lot to offer, for many people, Cali is the best fit by far. Consider the above and give Cali a try before deciding where to live.